3.2 And You: How to not Be Bad

So, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve been massively procrastinating reediting my 3.2.2 version of “Totem Eclipse of the Heart,” the shaman forum Enhancement DPS sticky. This is due to a large number of issues- my 22nd birthday, a crazy work week, 3 nights of 25 man raiding, 2 nights of 10 man raiding a week, wanting to have this blog finished with a good fiveish posts so that I could link to it, and a large number of minor-yet-annoying happenstances have led to me putting off updating the 3.2 version with the edits people gave me. However, due to todays upswing in productiveness, I have released a new, updated version of A Totem Eclipse of the Hear. The link is at the end!

First, though, here is a brief preview of the 3.2 post- to me, they’re the highlights. Enjoy!

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