I have officially gone self hosted!

As anyone who will visit Shamanonramen.com might be able to see, I have officially gone self-hosted!! As anyone else visiting might also be able to see, the appearance of that blog is extradordinarily bland, but it’s 4:00 AM and I’m not going to bother making myself crazy prettifying it tonight!

This is a huge step for me- somewhat warranted by the fact that I’ve been able to maintain a steady 3-400 views per day for nearly a week now, but also just because it seemed like all the cool kids were doing it. And it just seemed fun.

I am planning, for the next few weeks or so, to continue posting blogs on both my original wordpress account and this blog to try and ease people into this new place. (I’ll probably include a little note at the end of the blog, reminding people to come hither!) After a little while, though, I will just abandon that blog in favor of the one I’m paying to have. xD (also, if anyone is linking to me- could you please update your links to reflect the blog change? :D)

This is a really awesome transition for me, and thanks everyone for the views and support. ❤

And again, it is http://www.shamanonramen.com. 😀