BoE shaman love!

I was making my merry way home from school today, after an exhausting day of SHAKESPEAREZIMBABWEFRANKENSTEINSEX classes, and I decided I really wanted soup. Because, you know, that’s how I roll. So, I stopped at Panera Bread (overpriced, I know, but excellent), grabbed my Baked Potato Soup, a Roast Beef sandwich ’cause I’m a fatty, and sat myself down at the closest table so  I could spam f5 on free WiFi and count the blog views while enjoying my hearty night time dinner.

What I was not expecting was this:

Screenshot by Shadowxtz o nthe Moonrunner server!

Screenshot by Shadowxtz o nthe Moonrunner server!

Note some of the pretty things in this image:

A) It’s a 2.6 speed mace! Luvluvluvluvluv.

B) It’s BoE! So even if you don’t manage to see this QT in the next week (it drops off Mr. Direbrew in Blackrock Depths, but he’s shy and only comes out once a year), you should be able to buy one, albeit for a pretty penny.

C) It’s iLevel 226. For those of you for whom the word “iLevel” sounds like a foreign language (my dad included!), iLevel 200 items drop out of Naxx10/Coren Direbrew. ILevel 226 items drop off 25 KT/Reg Uld 25 bosses, meaning that this item is as well itemized as Calamity’s Grasp(and with Agi, Haste, Ap, Crit, to boot!) Because of this, not only are the stats nice, but it also has a whopping 171.5 dps, meaning no more farming H ToC for your dual Aledar’s Battlestar, which is only iLevel 219.

D) It looks preeeeeeetty.

Photo by same person as above photo. Im unoriginal!

Photo by same person as above photo. I'm unoriginal!

Yes, I want it. Minus the fact that it’s a downgrade.

However, I’m so going after it on my Death Knight Tank’s offspec-but-sometimes-main-spec-depending-on-my-mood. (Remember, Threat of Tharassian DW death knights follow the same weapon speed rules as us!) I’m totally looking forward to being a Femcow with mugs for hands. 😀

This is Elam, signing off from Panera, as I finished my soup before typing (it was so good!) and I think I’m getting weird looks from the other patrons from salivating over this weapon.

Cheers to all who get it!


Wtf, mana!

On an entirely unrelated note (meaning nothing about shaman, melee, haste, darth vader, or anything else I’ve sworn to talk about), I felt the need to share this screenshot of my paladin in holy spec/gear. (With kings, Arcane Intellect, and an Elixir of Mighty Thoughts +Mixology.)

Yes, that is 14k mana. At level 71. Here’s looking at you, Utgarde Keep!

(Also, notice the catchy name!)

Edit: Also, I must share the story of how I came by Arcane Brilliance:

It was a bright, sunny day in Borean Tundra, which means temperatures were probably somewhere between freezing cold and I-really-wish-I-had-flashdance=style-legwarmers with me. I was making my happy way around that one lake in Borean Tundra where Tiger Lily grows like a child eating Kix when I happened upon a qt fembelf 80 rogue fishing. Now, this might scare some people, as fembelf rogues do not tend to like female human retribution paladins. However, recognizing the name (and the fact that she’s in the same guild as every one of my horde characters, ;P), I knew she was pretty much the nicest person ever and proceeded to spam emote her and her scary level 80 mage friend (who looked like he was about to disintegrate me. Or something.) However, she seemed to temper his mighty temper when she emoted back, and then proceeded to mind control me with her The mage then buffed me, and the two went through their shiny portal to the flying monstrosity known as a main city, and I was left bewildered by the fact that you could get buffed during a gnomish mind control. It was pretty excellent.

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