I have the coolest friends.

If this is your first time visiting here ever, you might not have noticed the new look. If this is your second time visiting here ever, you probably don’t remember what it used to look like. If you’re one of the 2 people who read my blog more often than I realize, you might actually have. Regardless of who you are, the look of this blog has changed, and it makes me quite happy.

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Wtf, mana!

On an entirely unrelated note (meaning nothing about shaman, melee, haste, darth vader, or anything else I’ve sworn to talk about), I felt the need to share this screenshot of my paladin in holy spec/gear. (With kings, Arcane Intellect, and an Elixir of Mighty Thoughts +Mixology.)

Yes, that is 14k mana. At level 71. Here’s looking at you, Utgarde Keep!

(Also, notice the catchy name!)

Edit: Also, I must share the story of how I came by Arcane Brilliance:

It was a bright, sunny day in Borean Tundra, which means temperatures were probably somewhere between freezing cold and I-really-wish-I-had-flashdance=style-legwarmers with me. I was making my happy way around that one lake in Borean Tundra where Tiger Lily grows like a child eating Kix when I happened upon a qt fembelf 80 rogue fishing. Now, this might scare some people, as fembelf rogues do not tend to like female human retribution paladins. However, recognizing the name (and the fact that she’s in the same guild as every one of my horde characters, ;P), I knew she was pretty much the nicest person ever and proceeded to spam emote her and her scary level 80 mage friend (who looked like he was about to disintegrate me. Or something.) However, she seemed to temper his mighty temper when she emoted back, and then proceeded to mind control me with her http://www.wowhead.com/?item=10726. The mage then buffed me, and the two went through their shiny portal to the flying monstrosity known as a main city, and I was left bewildered by the fact that you could get buffed during a gnomish mind control. It was pretty excellent.

Do you wanna date my avatar?

This post has nothing to do with Enhancement shaman. It has nothing to do with Restoration Shaman. It also has nothing to do with the fact that I’m 22 years old and eating pop rocks and soda while giggling about it, but that’s immaterial. This post is about “The Guild.”

Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of “The Guild,” the zany webseries about e-crushes, bad parenting skills, and online addictions, but I’m not sure how many people have stopped going “Huh, that sounds a little quirky- I might check it out” mode to “OMG ROFL LOLZ” mode. I personally had never been a huge fan of “The Guild;” not knocking it, but never one to check it out. However, a few days ago, I got an IM from my boyfriend who made me promise to “check out this hilarious youtube link.” I was busy fighting dragons, lied, and didn’t. My mistake!

The next day followed the pattern of him quoting something from the youtube video, me feigning not remembering the line, and him oh-so-subtly suggesting “you didn’t fucking watch it, did you.” So, he stole my computer, closed my WoW :(, and forced me to watch this video. Now, if you know what’s good for you, you will to! Now, without any more lengthy typing by me, I present Felicia Day and guild in “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”

3.2 And You: How to not Be Bad

So, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve been massively procrastinating reediting my 3.2.2 version of “Totem Eclipse of the Heart,” the shaman forum Enhancement DPS sticky. This is due to a large number of issues- my 22nd birthday, a crazy work week, 3 nights of 25 man raiding, 2 nights of 10 man raiding a week, wanting to have this blog finished with a good fiveish posts so that I could link to it, and a large number of minor-yet-annoying happenstances have led to me putting off updating the 3.2 version with the edits people gave me. However, due to todays upswing in productiveness, I have released a new, updated version of A Totem Eclipse of the Hear. The link is at the end!

First, though, here is a brief preview of the 3.2 post- to me, they’re the highlights. Enjoy!

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