So, first week of class.

This is Elam, just checking real quick!

This past week was my first week of classes: 19th centruy romanticism, Shakespearean tragedy, Urban Anthropology, and History of Sex Education in schools have stolen my soul. On top of this, I went back to work after the end of my summer vacation, so I’ve been spending my free time reviewing these grants and survey things that I need to develop “teen programming” for. And, I’ve been raiding. Thus, busy! (Oh and Notelam might have hit level 80. :x)

I will be back updating, hopefully by tomorrow night, or by Saturday. I want to get in a hardmode NB kill on either 10 or 25, with screenshots, as that is what I will be posting about!

Talk to you all in a few, and sorry. 😡


Azjol-Nerub was merely a Setback!

Tuesday night, we fought valiantly and killed the meanest oversized ugly beatle in the world- and no, I don’t mean Ringo Starr.*

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On using “On Use.”

I just found out that Talon King Ikiss from Sethekk Halls in BC did not enrage if you used an on-use trinket. I was told on my first run there that he did, and had subsequently spent an entire expansion of heroics AND leveled like 4 characters through outlands thinking I could not use trinkets on him without wiping the group. I’m pretty amazing.

Now, with that awkward vignette out of the way, you shoud click below this shiny line to read my ramblings about why On Use trinkets are underrated additions to your enhance arsenal. (Also, that sentance ending was LIKE assonance, but not. >:()

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Disregard Everything I Say

I feel a little bit guilty. In, I spent quite a bit of time, words, and math showing how the Elemental t9 totem was better for Enhancement that the actual Enhancement one, and how I thought that was a good idea and intended by Blizzard. It seems I may have been wrong.

If you head over to the front page of mmo-champion, you’ll see this little tidbit of news:

Totem of Quaking Earth now gives 400 attack power for 18 sec each time you use your Lava Lash ability. (Up from 200 Attack Power)

Now, this makes sense. If you compare that totem with the death knight and paladin relics and understand itemization, you’d know that 200 Strength =/= 200 Attack Power, so the Totem of the Quaking Earth was not incredibly well itemized for it’s tier. 400 Attack Power makes a lot more sense for an iLevel 245 item.

(For some quick math, 400 AP that is up 100% of the time-with an assumed Trueshot aura/Unleashed Rage/Aboms might-is a static 440 EP.  Haste, on the other hand, shifts ep with each few points of haste you add on, so it’s nearly impossible to develop a static ep value for the entire 200 you’d get from Electrifying wind. It’s -possible- that you EP haste at like 2.7, which I saw on the shaman forums today, where Electrifying Wind might still be better. For the most part though, the 85%ish uptime and around 2.0 EPs will mean that Quaking Earth remains on top.)

I’m not annoyed about this change. I’m glad that Blizzard listened to Enhancement shaman who were annoyed by the lackluster totem. However, I’m not a fan of how it effects those of us who already spent our first 25 emblems of triumph on the elemental totem having to spend another 25 on the next totem. I don’t feel we should get reimbursed for our totem- giving Shaman 25 free Emblems of Triumph is unfair to other classes. I do feel that the best response would be to refresh the item sellback time on all totems, so that when we log in after 3.2.2 we have 2 hours played time to trade the totem in.

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