Icebound + Judgement of Wisdom= Sense?

In reference to Lissanna over at Restokin, and because Blog Azeroth opened the question up to be answered, I’ve spent the past 12ish hours pondering: If I could change/remove/seperate/annihilate/lick any talent in the enhancement tree, what would it be? After less than 5 minutes of thinking, I had the answer: the rest of the day was spent wading through work, getting annoyed we had to cancel raiding again due to attendance (btw we’re recruiting, just saying), ToC 10, Dailies, complaining about my headache, commenting on other peoples blogs, and lacking the actual willpower to write. However, I have buckled down and started, and here is my answer: Shamanistic Rage.

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Beating the Beasts.

By this point in the patch, the majority of us have probably taken our firsts steps into Heroic Northrend Beasts, be it on 10 or 25 man. This means that a large number of you probably know the basics of the fight: It’s a DPS race, as the bosses are released on a timer. There are no drastically different additions are changes to the fight, other than the scaling up of boss damage/hit points and the fact that Icehowl no longer gives you a sprint buff when he charges. Rather than talk about the general fight, here are some of the specifics of the fight itself as it pertains to Enhancement Shaman, as well as my perspectives and tips on not dissappointing your fellow raiders like they’re Taylor Swift and you’re Kanye West.

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I have the coolest friends.

If this is your first time visiting here ever, you might not have noticed the new look. If this is your second time visiting here ever, you probably don’t remember what it used to look like. If you’re one of the 2 people who read my blog more often than I realize, you might actually have. Regardless of who you are, the look of this blog has changed, and it makes me quite happy.

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The ultimate Shaman UI.

I’m always looking for ways to make my game better, especially when it comes to ui/addon improvement. Today, I  stumbled on a thrwad on the forums started nearly two months ago- I had checked it out, but didn’t pay much attention to it. The name was “The Ultimate Shaman UI, by Syronius of Killrogg. Here is a nice (10 minute long!) video the designer posted as an introduction to it.

Now, for anyone who has a computer that can actuall run really nice -and large- UIs, I’d suggest at least going to this thread and checking it out, as well as giving any opinions to the creator. It looks clean, it looks nice, and it looks fun to use. And, it looks like Syronius put -a lot- of thought and effort into creating it (down to handmaking the Power Auras!), and they really need to be recognized for that. Go Syronius- you’re awesome!

A few Words about 3.2.2. And Shaman!

Mmo-champion has been working overtime of late to get us some fancy 3.2.2 patchnotes. (Honestly, with all the hype around this patch+the length it’s been since 3.2 itself was launched, does anyone else feel like 3.2.2 is Blizzard’s way of saying “Here’s a new patch to tide you over until icecrown but without any real new content or anything?”) At any rate, cheap shots at Blizzard aside (at the end of the day, I think they’re a hardworking group of gents {this is a cool word} who have the impossible job of balancing a game while trying to keep their playerbase happy, and I’m quite thankful they’re damn good at it) the Shaman forums have gone their usual route of screaming without spending any time trying to form a coherent or logical thought.  But hey, why should this patch be any different than 3.2 3.1 3.0 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1every patch in the history of video games. (Also, I use parentheses a lot.) So, here is my unbiased, semi-logical, I try-not-to-think-of-myself-as-a-shaman-and-look-at-the-game-as-a-whole take on patch notes.

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It’s cool, you can hate me. <3

After an exhausting night of smashing our heads against hardmode Northrend Beasts on Wednesday, I was nerdraging pretty hard. Not at anybody, but at the fight itself (more on this after we make attempts tonight and I can get a few more bad screenshots to show the utility of power auras classic.) At any rate, I was in a pretty sour mood as we entered VoA 25, so that someone would be able to log off with loot that night.

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So, first week of class.

This is Elam, just checking real quick!

This past week was my first week of classes: 19th centruy romanticism, Shakespearean tragedy, Urban Anthropology, and History of Sex Education in schools have stolen my soul. On top of this, I went back to work after the end of my summer vacation, so I’ve been spending my free time reviewing these grants and survey things that I need to develop “teen programming” for. And, I’ve been raiding. Thus, busy! (Oh and Notelam might have hit level 80. :x)

I will be back updating, hopefully by tomorrow night, or by Saturday. I want to get in a hardmode NB kill on either 10 or 25, with screenshots, as that is what I will be posting about!

Talk to you all in a few, and sorry. 😡