About Elam

Elam is a fatty tauren Shaman. from the guild Surreality on Black Dragonflight (US-PVP). If Elam were a real person he would enjoy long walks on the beach, blogging about his politicals ideals, and proccing windfury crits, particularly on cloth wearers. Unfortunately for Elam (and somewhat fortunately for me, as I think he’d be mad about my controlling his life for the past two years), he’s not a real person, he can’t get near a beach that isn’t infested with monsters that want to kill him and his political ideals are limited to “THRALL GOOD, VARIAN BAD, JAINA QT.” (His ability to proc windfuries is cool beans, though). For more about Elam, check out http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Black+Dragonflight&n=Elam! (Remember to take out the exclamation point, please!)

^Is Elam. Isn’t he a qt? If, you know, you’re into cow people. With fist weapons. And hooves. And anchors on their faces.

As Elam isn’t actually real, this about me is then forced to be about the lamer side of his dual-personality- myself. First off, my name is Josh. However, I find that name to be pretty boring, and do not mind going by Elam in the least. I am a professional procrastinator, an amateur enhancement shaman player, and a college student on the side of it all. I am an English major/Gender Studies minor/Sociology minor with a focus on sexual deviation which means two things: A) I’ll never have a job B) I’ve got no business talking about numbers, logic, and rationality, as all three of my majors/minors are full of illogical, irrational, math-failures who were looking for a way to express their emotions, and yet I’m on the shaman forums constantly attempting to talk about all three.

Some facts about me: I’m hopelessly in love with the band Cobra Starship. My favorite colors are blue and brown, but only when mixed together. I have actually never been drunk in my life, despite being 22 years old- alcohol does nothing for me. I have two dogs- the first is Max, who is similar in many ways to a gnome warlock/ engineer- while he appears innocent and small, he will set fire to the world if he decides his tater tots aren’t crunchy enough. The other one is Maggie, who enjoys snorting and being queen of the couch, and is the R2-D2 to Max’s See-Threepio. (Also, I feel the need to throw out there that I’m gay- it’s 2009, no one cares, but I know that if I ever mention my boyfriend in a blog post I’ll get the “WTF UR GAY?” questions. It’s happened before. So, I figured I’d dodge that awkward silence like I’m a druid tank and just throw it out there. That’s all there is to be said on the subject, though!)

^Is me, not Elam.

If, by this point you’ve not grown entirely too bored and walked away to rearrange your sock drawer, watch reruns of Hannah Montana on your iPhone, or do dailies, you’re probably wondering why I value my own opinion about the state of Enhancement shaman enough to blog about it. These are a few commonly held theories as to why I’m blogging:

A) I have an ego and e-fame is cool, brosephs.

B) I am, after all, an English major (regardless of the fact that I may have skipped accidentally slept through a few English classes for the sake of WoW), and I decided I need to do something English-related with my time!

C) I’m a presence on the official Shaman forums, and am currently stickied on the Shaman forums for my 3.1 Guide to Enhancement. (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=16473975656&sid=1) For what it’s worth, I do know what I’m talking about, and at times can be somewhat funny when I do it.

That’s pretty much all I can rationalize talking about myself. For anything else, just check out the blog posts!



  1. WTF UR GAY?

    just kidding

    nice blogs i enjoy reading them

    • Hehe, I probably deserved that. But, I had to get it out there- I get it all the time, and so not mentioning it would be silly. xD

      And thank you!

  2. Yay for gay gamers!

    And yay for an enhancement shaman blog. The first few entries seem really good. I’ve been looking for a good one for a long time!

    Keep up the goodness!

  3. Nice Blog

    I enjoy reading your posts


  4. QQ you’re gay. Here I was about to propose 😛

    I just read portions of your Enhancement Shaman Guide and loved your writing; then I read your post boldly titled “No, Blizzard Doesn’t Suck at Enhance- You Do.”–I should have suspected a fellow English major with such stylistic writing (I’m Creative Writing with Profession Writing and Literature minors with the intent to edit–I’m going to be jobless too!). Your attention to detail while maintaining a simplified and witty explanation is refreshing.

    A die-hard holy priest at heart, I haven’t had an interest in enhancement since early BC when my ex-boyfriend loaned me his for farming purposes, but you certainly pique my interest in the class and spec.

    Your anecdote about finding your first name unsatisfactory made me smile–I’m the only one in our long-running guild who still goes by her in-game name. Relating to other people is fun! I’m sure you’re thrilled that I’m taking time to prattle in your blog. On that note, excellent color choices, and thank you for your refreshing posts.


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