Beating the Beasts.

By this point in the patch, the majority of us have probably taken our firsts steps into Heroic Northrend Beasts, be it on 10 or 25 man. This means that a large number of you probably know the basics of the fight: It’s a DPS race, as the bosses are released on a timer. There are no drastically different additions are changes to the fight, other than the scaling up of boss damage/hit points and the fact that Icehowl no longer gives you a sprint buff when he charges. Rather than talk about the general fight, here are some of the specifics of the fight itself as it pertains to Enhancement Shaman, as well as my perspectives and tips on not dissappointing your fellow raiders like they’re Taylor Swift and you’re Kanye West.

Phase 1: Gormok the Impaler.

I wish I had tusks like that. ;~;

Gormok the Impaler is a stupid, stupid fight for Enhancement shaman, and one that might make you nerdrage. At least, that’s how it worked for me. First off, it’s not a melee friendly fight, not only requiring target switching, but also requires that your fellow raiders value downing the boss more than watching their dps skyrocket. After a 2-hour stint of wiping on Northrend Beasts last week, myself and the rest of Group 3 (gogo melee group!) were raging pretty hard in private (and, at times, publicly) at the number of people who could not grasp the basic concept of “with great snobolds comes great responsibility to RUN THE FUCK INTO THE MELEE.” So, for anyone who isn’t melee reading this, please do your local enhancement shaman a favor and skedaddle yourself onto Gormoks ass, so we can go about merrily stabbing things.

For anyone who is melee, here are a few tips (complete with a screenshot!) for getting rid of those pesky snobold nemesises. First off, set yourself up with some sort of way to indicate when a snobold is spawned. There are a few ways of doing this. A) Listen in vent for the caster who isn’t running into melee to scream “OMG SNOBOLD ON ME WTFF MELEE.” This will normally happen twice before you and the rogues do something about it, and then you’ll snicker about it until you get firebombed because you ran into range. B) Work with your addons. My personal choice for this fight is Power Auras Classic, which you can set up to notify you any time a raid member if afflicted with “snobolled.” I believe Grid also has a functionality for this, but I’m not positive about that.

Note the Gigantic Debuff!

^Click for enlarged. 😮

Note the gigantic fucking snobold icon in the bottom left corner. 😀 Af ter that, the issue becomes finding a snobold. I did not want to clutter up the screenshot with nameplates, but they’re your best bet for actually finding the small things. Once you find it and you’ve managed to get in melee range, watch out! as people tend to move with the snobolds on them, and will likely keep dragging them out of your range. >.<

(Also, notice the lack of debuffs on the snobold in that screenshot: since most of your ranged are busy dpsing Gormok, you’re losing out on a lot of damage capability by losing debuffs such as 13% spell damage or Imp. Scorch. Since they’re generally not tanked, you probably won’t see a full stack of sunders up, either- thankfully, we have an awesome combat rogue who maintains high dps AND exposes armor every 30 seconds.)

If that’s not all for the fun on this fight, here is the real kicker: Snobolds are immune to AOE damage. This means A) Chain Lightning will only hurt them if you target them with it- it will not chain from Gormok to Snobold. This also means that one of our primary single target damage abilities- magma totem- is rendered useless. If you’re close to Gormok this doesn’t matter as much as he’ll still be hit by it, but it’s useless any time the snobold is dragged outwards. Additionally, fire elemental’s nova does absolutely nothing against these bad boys. (Note, this is not a problem unique to us. Ret Paladins are highly hurt by the loss of both Divine Storm and Consecration on snobolds, and Fury Warriors most likely lose out on Whirlwind damage- all aoe attacks that are included in their single target dps rotation.)

TL;DR Gormok:

  • DPS Race, but fight is short. Use Fire Elemental here, as it will maximize Fire elemental’s time on target for maximum dps. Both Icehowl and Worms will be less affected. Do not use wolves, as you do not want them on cooldown for when worms come out and you pop bloodlust.
  • Refresh Magma Totem while running out towards any stray kobolds. You might clip a tick, but it’s better to miss one tick when it has 5 seconds left than have a 15 second gap while you’re hurting the snobold.
  • Don’t allow meters to distress you. Your dps will be lower here than normal, and that’s fine. Ranged is king for this phase. You’re badass yourself on Twin Valkyrs.
  • Use addons to your advantage. They’re there to benefit you!
  • Be nice to your ranged so they run to you.

2. Acidmaw and Dreadscale

Not one...but three Jormungar? Wut?

Not one...but three Jormungar? Wut?

Acidmaw and Dreadscale are a bit of a bitch for any melee, and there’s not much that makes them any worse for Shaman than it is for any melee. They do an unavoidable tail swipe that will knock you back- the most important thing here is to make sure you’re not standing in any place where you might be knocked in front of the other worm, as they have killer frontal cone attacks. Remember to pop your wolves prior to Bloodlust, which will probably be used within the first seconds of the fight. Fire Elemental is rather useless on this fight, as it tends to get confused after the worms bury and tends not to reaggro unless the worm pops back up under itself.

The more important thing about this fight is staying alive- the majority of your raid needs to make it through in order to avoid hitting the enrage timer on Icehowl. For that, here are a few tips:

  • Do not do not do not follow the worms too closely as they go underground. They aggro wipe down there, and will pop up and one shot you if you’re too close/hit it before a tank does as it comes back up.
  • Deadly Boss Mods is great for monitoring your poison, but it’s always nice to bring a back up. Once again, I use Power Auras classic.
This works for any Poison effect.

This works for any Poison effect.

-As you can see, you choose debuff as the activation method, and write in the word “Poison.” (I use “Paralytic,” just to be safe.) This should notify you anytime any debuff is present on you that includes the word poison- this is useless for things like aoe poisons on the ground that do not show debuffs, but great for Lana Stouthammer/the Worms, etc. I chose lime green and the cool exclamation point, but there are other nice textures, such as a gigantic “Danger” sign. (Note-I took this screenshot at school where I couldn’t log on with my addons enabled without disconnecting, which is why my UI looks so plain! :P)

  • If you have the poison, and your wolves are making their merry way eating worm face, make sure to use their Spirit Walk ability to try to compensate for the paralyzing effect and get you back to the worms in minimal time spent.
  • Set up your bars with some flame shock/lava burst. If you get Burning Bile, you really don’t want to be standing near anyone. You can find a nice spot to sit and spam lightning bolt, but once Stormstrike wears off use a FS/LvB combo to try to keep Elemental Devastation up for when you run back in. You might not be able to get in range to Flame Shock without hurting someone (like a Holy Paladin. D:), but if you can, try this.
  • Poison clouds spawn under whichever Jormungar that is not rooted in the ground currently. There’s no debuff to set up  a Power Aura for, so you need to actually watch for these ones. Try to stand at max range, as they start off small and grow fast.

3. Icehowl

Sleeping Beauties!

Sleeping Beauties!

Icehowl is probably the least specific fight to try to explain. First off: make sure you spread out. If you see a knot of melee standing around you, strafe to another direction- just remember to do your best at standing behind him. Eventually, after stabbing icehowl long enough, he’ll jump to the middle and send you all flying into the wall. Position yourself so that you’re not thrown into any of the doorways surrounding the room, as it makes it infinitely harder to avoid the charge. Remember that the sprint buff Icehowl gives you on normal does not happen on heroic- if you’re worried about this, swiftness potions are you friend.

After you and your guildmates demonstrate your proness and avoid his charge is probably the best time to pop wolves, as they’re normally up by this time. You can utilize Spirit Walk to your advantage if he charged someone across the room, but regardless of how close you are Spirit Wolves will benefit from the extra damage Icehowl takes. This is probably a bad phase for Fire Elemental, as Icehowl moves around a lot- an extra 15 seconds of Fire elemental damage won’t make up for damage lost from leashing.

That’s about it for my take on Northrend Beasts. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed! (PS: Comments r 4 nice.)


  1. My first comment! *glee*

    Good write up Elam. I’d critique it but I realize guild does things differently so my help would only clutter the guide. >.>

    However, on Icehowl. A good tip would be to get your tanks to tank Icehowl near a wall. Melee can stay on Icehowl stabbin’ away and split Icehowl’s potential to freeze the healers or casters to about 50/50. Then again, my guild is very melee dps heavy (the top 3-4 are physical damage classes) and we have to tweak strats to utilize it.

    Other than that, good write up! Love the new page design. Keep Bloggin’!

    • Ooh, yea. I probably should have mentioned that, actually- we do tend to drag him over towards the walls, so that the tanks have their back to it.

      You have to tell me your strategy sometime, though- I sometimes forget that our strategies are not the only ones.

      And thanks! ❤

  2. This is a very nice guide and should be really helpful for me in normal Beasts I hope. I really like the specific tips like when to pop wolves, etc. Thanks a lot!

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