It’s cool, you can hate me. <3

After an exhausting night of smashing our heads against hardmode Northrend Beasts on Wednesday, I was nerdraging pretty hard. Not at anybody, but at the fight itself (more on this after we make attempts tonight and I can get a few more bad screenshots to show the utility of power auras classic.) At any rate, I was in a pretty sour mood as we entered VoA 25, so that someone would be able to log off with loot that night.

We ran in and engaged Koralon. I had a few slight issues at the beginning because, while I was intelligent enough to set up to tell me I had the cinder debuff, I happened to make the aura red. So, while this aura WAS trying to tell me I was standing in bad all the time, it was also camoflauged against the backdrop of the entire room! My bad. D: Nonetheless, I got to battle our combat rogue for the top of the meter for the majority of the fight- he ended up kicking my ass, clocking in at something like 7300dps to my 68 or 6900 (I think I spiked around 7400 at one point, but my sustained dropped quite a bit after my Fire Elemental said goodbye). Nerf melee friendly fights. πŸ˜›

Koralon, being a qt, dropped my first piece of mainspec tier gear that I ever saw in a Vault of Archavon. (I’ve seen others, but they all seem to drop AFTER I have them. :x) Much to the dismay of EVERYONE ELSE IN THE RAID, especially the two resto shaman and the two elemental shaman, Koralon also dropped by second piece of main spec tier gear ever. Coupled with the cute shoulders I got (I have to admit: Given the choice, I will -always- go for tier shoulders before any other piece of loot. Shoulders look badass on Tauren. And t8 shoulders are so last summer.) Two heroic dailies later, I grabbed the iLevel 232 50 emblem of triumph chest piece-I’m planning to replace this as soon as I get another trophy with the head, and grab the H Northrend Beasts chest, but at the time I was choosing items the helm would have put me over 600 hit rating. Now, I know Hit still EPs pretty high until you hit the dw hard cap, but that gets annoying to explain every single time someone goes OMG U HAZ 2 MUCH HIT. So, I dropped my slightly RNGy but still amazing t8 4pc for 25% more shock damage and 50% more static shock damage, as well as iLevel 245 stats. 4300 unbuffed attack power is qt. (Also, remember the 25% more shock damage is base-for me, I went from hitting for around 1600 unbuffed with earth shock to hitting around 2k. When you add in raid buffs like 13% spelldamage debuff, your 4PC ES will hit even harder.)

This changes my rotation and my spec a small bit. First off, while MW5 Lightning Bolts are still the priority, Earth Shock moves up on the priority list- as long as the stormstrike debuff is on the target, Earth Shock trumps Stormstrike. So, instead of MW5Lb>SS>ES>LL>Shields/Totems, it becomes MW5LB>ES_SS>SS>ES>LL>Shields/Totems. Second, I took two points out of improved shields, two points out of improved stormstrike (really, quite a pvp talent. With the change to shamanistic rage, running out of mana is even less of a problem for us), and one point out of call of flames to grab Reverberation, for 5 second shocks rather than 6. (And a 5 second windshear!) Assuming I get to shock as soon as it comes off cooldown, this means I get an extra Earth Shock every 30 seconds, or 20 extra Earth Shocks over the course of a 10 minute fight. Cool beans. (Note: Elitist Jerks BiS thread suggests 3/3 Call of Flame, 4/5 Reverberation. My OCD wouldn’t allow me to do 5.2 second cooldowns, and we’re probably talking a -very-slight difference in dps. :x)

Isn’t he super cute now? πŸ˜€t9


  1. Big grats!

    We still haven’t cleared 25 man ToC 😦

    Faction champions hosed us all night long. People couldn’t stay alive to…well save their life.

    We had the warlock, shadow priest, disc priest, arms warrior, death knight, hunter, resto shaman, holy paladin, arcane mage, and the rogue.

    • Ugg, Faction champions is such a cockblock. We’ve currently got a tenman heroic group in there right now, and I’m fairly certain one of the reasons I was skipped over is that enhancement is just not ideal for that fight. We don’t offer spammable cc, and if there are already purges/mass dispels and interrupts present, we’re simply not needed.

      Also, thank you!

  2. I’m amused by the fact that Happy! is a blog tag.

    … H8, btw.

    • How does one manage to accidentally delete a comment? Oh right, be me. >.<

      Anyway, Happy! is a great blog tag, but I'm partial to Darth Vader, which I use when I can't think of anything else. B)

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