Because Everyone Else is Talking About It:

I’ve been wildly debating whether or not to do a Cataclysm “omgwtfbbq” post going over every single change in detail and talking about how much it makes me want to squeal with excitement. After about 30 seconds of being like “BUT THATS LIKE A LOT OF WRITING AND STUFF,” I decided on “yes,” since a new expansion is pretty much a bloggers wet dream. That said, this is not that post.

Why is that? Because I want ALL the information before I post about it, so I think I’m going to wait until the end of Blizzcon to update. I just want to be able to go through, nitpick on every single thing and go “omgz thats kewl and hears y!” Suffice to say, however, I don’t think I have -ever- been excited for a video game in my life as I am for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It seems amazing, and I give props to everyone at Blizzard for making it look so appealing. That said, here are the things I currently dislike!: (Btw spoilers for you bads who are blocked from at work, so don’t go below this shiny linkbar if you’re afraid of finding out that Sirius Black is dead, Snape Killed Dumbledore, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s Father, and Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen will make you ask for your money back.)

A) No Worgen Shaman: Hai guys, I’m a qt Enhance shaman who has badass claw-like fist weapons and occassionally turns into a wolf spirit/summons some wolf puppies because I’m that in touch with my canine brethren. What’s that? You’re a qt wolf-man who is constantly struggling with his wolfesque nature, who has badass claws, and a propensity to eat raw meat? We can like, totally be friends and windfury things together, and maybe later go to a Jonas Brothers concert, right?

…right? 😦

B) Dear Blizzard:

I love you guys. I love the majority of your preview movies. That one in Dalaran where Jaina/Thrall eyed each other and Varian emo’d out like a 13 year old and Kologarn forgot to say OBLIVION? Classic. The WOTLK one where Icehowl lays the smackdown on a Jaina-wannabe, the s2 geared paladin goes to the dark side (because they have cookies!), and there’s a 2-minute build-up before you figure out it’s actually Arthas talking to you? Very, very well done. And Zul’aman? That trailer was fucking beast. Spot-on voice acting by a more-emo-than-Varian arm-chopping troll leader with an incredibly well-written dialogue,  and the way the four animal-god bosses are introduced is simply incredible. So why, oh why, did the Cataclysm preview video simply have a boringly written, overly-dramatic-at-the-wrong-times, voice speaking? The graphics looked amazing, but the monologue just bored me. I am being a tad nitpicky about this, but it’s because I look forward to every movie you guys release, and I was a tad bit dissappointed this time. Still, great work overall!

<3, Elam.

3) Cairne Bloodhoof, leader of the qtest race in the game and voted most-likely-to-not-get-falsely-implicated-in-a-horde-plot-and-executed-by-Garrosh-Hellscream in his high school yearbook gets falsely implicated in a horde plot, gets executed by Garrosh Hellscream, AND then Thrall goes off to be all like “I’m in ur Tirisfal, guarding your…stuff that needs guarding” and Emoscream takes over the Horde. Fuck that shit. If anything happens to Cairne, I’m rerolling Worgen. Happy Cows will no longer come from Mulgore. 😦

4) Worgen are alliance. It makes sense. I hate it, but it makes sense. 😦

5) And, lastly:

My least favorite part of Cataclysm is that I want it already and it’s not out yet.

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  1. Totally agree with the worgen shaman comment. The only thing that keeps me from rolling an alliance shaman is…space goats *shudders*. And with the upcoming race/class additions dwarves as well?

    Yet…no worgen?

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