3.2 And You: How to not Be Bad

So, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve been massively procrastinating reediting my 3.2.2 version of “Totem Eclipse of the Heart,” the shaman forum Enhancement DPS sticky. This is due to a large number of issues- my 22nd birthday, a crazy work week, 3 nights of 25 man raiding, 2 nights of 10 man raiding a week, wanting to have this blog finished with a good fiveish posts so that I could link to it, and a large number of minor-yet-annoying happenstances have led to me putting off updating the 3.2 version with the edits people gave me. However, due to todays upswing in productiveness, I have released a new, updated version of A Totem Eclipse of the Hear. The link is at the end!

First, though, here is a brief preview of the 3.2 post- to me, they’re the highlights. Enjoy!

F. 3.2 Changes and You. (AKA: Yes, if you still think the Earth Shock change is a nerf, you are quite bad, Baddy McBadderson.)

A). After much quiet contemplation, rogues can now use axes. (See, I thought it would be funny to put something that doesn’t say Shaman first in the Shaman Changes post, even though it affects Shaman, just to make people go WTF. Aren’t I witty?):
Regardless of what every smelly shaman player who thinks they’re a victim will tell you, this change is a small buff to Enhancement Shaman, as it allows Blizzard to actively itemize more one-handed axes into the game. Prior to this change, one-handed maces were the only weapon that could be used by DW Dks, Enhance Shaman, and Rogues. Blizzard was like “Well, that’s lame. You know what else is lame? Having Insanity’s Grip drop for the 7th time and getting disenchanted when your guild hasn’t seen a Pandora’s Plee yet and your healers want to gkick every Rogue/Enhancement shaman ever. Let’s fix one-handed weapon itemization!) Shaman with swords is just silly (and no, Drek’thar as an excuse is pretty lame actually), and no one thinks “I smite you with my pointy fist of doom” when they get Carpal Tunnel from hitting Obliterate for the thousandth time on their DW Death Knight. Rogues, however, would pick up their own grandmother and use it as a weapon if given the chance. Blizzard decided grandmothers were hard to itemize, and too slow to be rogue weapons anyway, so they gave them axes instead.

B). Tauren now have the option of changing skin tone by visiting the barber shop.
Nerf Tanning Beds?

C). All pets now receive 40% of their master’s resilience and 100% of their master’s spell penetration. In addition, if a player is at their appropriate spell hit chance or hit chance maximum, their pet will be at the maximum for spell hit chance, hit chance, and expertise. If they are below the maximum, their pet will be proportionately below those maximums.
I underlined for special emphasis the fun part. Basically, this means your Fire Elemental and Feral Spirit Wolves are going to be hit/dodge capped provided you’re not bad and remain hit/dodge capped yourself. (And, since wolves are smarter than half the melee you know, they attack from behind anyway. You trained them well!) This is not the most awesomely amazing buff in the world, but it is a substantial and nice buff.

D). A customizable totem bar will now be available for shamans allowing the storing of 4 different totems. These totems can be placed on the ground at once in one global cooldown for the combined mana cost of all 4 totems.
This is primarily a quality-of-life buff, but an awesome one nonetheless. It allows us to be more mobile with our totems- we no longer have to spend 4 GCDs every time the tank kites General Vezax, among other things. That, and we can now do something other than auto-attack one GCD into the fight, not four.

F). Base health increased by approximately 7% to correct for shamans having lower health than other classes.
Shaman had the lowest base health of any class, and this led to use being one-shot by certain boss AOEs in Ulduar. Blizzard decided they weren’t cool with dying being an iconic shaman ability, and gave us 450ish more health. More health is always welcome, as Shaman don’t drop phat lootz when they die, and that makes us dying lame.

G). Wind Shock: Has been renamed Wind Shear and no longer shares a cooldown with Flame, Frost or Earth Shock. Earth Shock: Redesigned. This spell no longer interrupts spell casting, but rather reduces melee attack speed by 10% for 8 seconds (exclusive with similar effects such as Thunder Clap).
I put the Wind Shear change first because the number of shaman who came to the boards for the past month and were all like “OMG DEY NERFED MY ES” without looking at the NEXT SENTENCE of the patch notes was higher than the number of Octomom’s kids. Stop doing that, it’s annoying.
Wind Shock was this cool spell introduced in 3.0. Maybe you’ve heard of it (it seems 90% of the shaman community didn‘t though)- it’s that one where you were able to interrupt spell casting OFF THE GLOBAL COOLDOWN every six seconds. It didn’t do damage like Earth Shock did, but it had a low mana cost and was OFF THE GLOBAL COOLDOWN. Now, this ability has been renamed Wind Shear. It is the exact same spell, but off the shock cool down- allowing you to interrupt casting from a distance OFF THE GLOBAL COOLDOWN EVERY SIX SECONDS. If you don’t realize how this
Is a buff, even with the removal of an interrupt from Earth Shock, we can’t be friends anymore. I mean it.
(This change also helps us on interrupt every fights like Vezax, where the 2second silence of ES compared to the 5 second silence of Kick/Pummel/Mind Freeze made using Earth Shock a pain and pissed off rogues, death knights, and qt warriors in their scary looking gear and big weapons.)

H). Shamanistic Rage: Cooldown is now 1 minute, down from 2 minutes. Successful melee attacks now have a chance to generate mana equal to 15% of the shaman’s attack power, down from 30%.
We basically now replenish our mana to full every minute, rather than every two minutes. Your healer friends might cry out of jealousy, though.

Enjoy? The full guide is here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=19378298578&sid=1


  1. Ah, great, an enhancement blog! There’s one other that I know of, but he doesn’t post much. My shaman is enhancement (dual specced resto and I’ve tried elemental with little success or joy) and I’m proud of it. I do respectable dps with so-so gear. I’ve even out-dpsed mages, hunters, rogues, deathtards, and warlocks in the pug raids I’ve been in. Theorycrafting goes over my head, but any help in the “be better” department is craved and I will look forward to your future posts on all things shaman.

    In other words, welcome to the blogging world! And yay!

    • Hehe, thank you! And while I can get into the theorycrafting department quite a bit myself- my next post might be a little on the math heavy side, I tend to view myself as more of the voice that takes the mathematically proven raw data from Rouncer, Levva, and the other awesome shaman theorycrafters out their and forms it into easy-to-digest, fun to read information for anyone seeking to “be better.” 😀

      Again, thanks!

  2. Just going to echo D’s thoughts there – good to see a new enhancement shaman blog as I’ve not found any being updated at the moment. I played a druid back in classic, then came back to WoW near the end of BC and learned a lot about how to play my shaman from your stickies. I like your writing style, so looking forward to reading more here 🙂

    • I’ve got to say, I’m a little surprised that both of you have echoed the feeling that there are few enhancement blogs out there- I haven’t been looking for any recently, but I’ve personally always felt that (despite our pretty low population percentage), the shaman class is probably the most active community. That said, every class probably feels that way, so I don’t know. xD I’m glad I was able to fulfill a want! And thank you!

  3. Again, great start to your blogging! Alas, I’m at work and can’t see the updated guide, but when I get home I’ll definetly check it you.

    I 100% agree with your thoughts on the ES and WS changes. I’ve been loving WS since the patch came out and couldn’t understand the uproar about the changes.

    • I…don’t even know. Hehe. Umm, I think there are a good couple thousand shaman out there who were like “wtf is this windshock bs?” when 3.0 hit last October, wrote it off as useless and forgot it existed. I have no idea how that happens, but that’s the feeling I got from the outcry. xD

      And, also, thanks for the posts! 😀

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