On using “On Use.”

I just found out that Talon King Ikiss from Sethekk Halls in BC did not enrage if you used an on-use trinket. I was told on my first run there that he did, and had subsequently spent an entire expansion of heroics AND leveled like 4 characters through outlands thinking I could not use trinkets on him without wiping the group. I’m pretty amazing.

Now, with that awkward vignette out of the way, you shoud click below this shiny line to read my ramblings about why On Use trinkets are underrated additions to your enhance arsenal. (Also, that sentance ending was LIKE assonance, but not. >:()

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Wtf, mana!

On an entirely unrelated note (meaning nothing about shaman, melee, haste, darth vader, or anything else I’ve sworn to talk about), I felt the need to share this screenshot of my paladin in holy spec/gear. (With kings, Arcane Intellect, and an Elixir of Mighty Thoughts +Mixology.)

Yes, that is 14k mana. At level 71. Here’s looking at you, Utgarde Keep!

(Also, notice the catchy name!)

Edit: Also, I must share the story of how I came by Arcane Brilliance:

It was a bright, sunny day in Borean Tundra, which means temperatures were probably somewhere between freezing cold and I-really-wish-I-had-flashdance=style-legwarmers with me. I was making my happy way around that one lake in Borean Tundra where Tiger Lily grows like a child eating Kix when I happened upon a qt fembelf 80 rogue fishing. Now, this might scare some people, as fembelf rogues do not tend to like female human retribution paladins. However, recognizing the name (and the fact that she’s in the same guild as every one of my horde characters, ;P), I knew she was pretty much the nicest person ever and proceeded to spam emote her and her scary level 80 mage friend (who looked like he was about to disintegrate me. Or something.) However, she seemed to temper his mighty temper when she emoted back, and then proceeded to mind control me with her http://www.wowhead.com/?item=10726. The mage then buffed me, and the two went through their shiny portal to the flying monstrosity known as a main city, and I was left bewildered by the fact that you could get buffed during a gnomish mind control. It was pretty excellent.

Disregard Everything I Say

I feel a little bit guilty. In https://shamanonramen.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/no-blizzard-doesnt-suck-at-enhance-you-do/, I spent quite a bit of time, words, and math showing how the Elemental t9 totem was better for Enhancement that the actual Enhancement one, and how I thought that was a good idea and intended by Blizzard. It seems I may have been wrong.

If you head over to the front page of mmo-champion, you’ll see this little tidbit of news:

Totem of Quaking Earth now gives 400 attack power for 18 sec each time you use your Lava Lash ability. (Up from 200 Attack Power)

Now, this makes sense. If you compare that totem with the death knight and paladin relics and understand itemization, you’d know that 200 Strength =/= 200 Attack Power, so the Totem of the Quaking Earth was not incredibly well itemized for it’s tier. 400 Attack Power makes a lot more sense for an iLevel 245 item.

(For some quick math, 400 AP that is up 100% of the time-with an assumed Trueshot aura/Unleashed Rage/Aboms might-is a static 440 EP.  Haste, on the other hand, shifts ep with each few points of haste you add on, so it’s nearly impossible to develop a static ep value for the entire 200 you’d get from Electrifying wind. It’s -possible- that you EP haste at like 2.7, which I saw on the shaman forums today, where Electrifying Wind might still be better. For the most part though, the 85%ish uptime and around 2.0 EPs will mean that Quaking Earth remains on top.)

I’m not annoyed about this change. I’m glad that Blizzard listened to Enhancement shaman who were annoyed by the lackluster totem. However, I’m not a fan of how it effects those of us who already spent our first 25 emblems of triumph on the elemental totem having to spend another 25 on the next totem. I don’t feel we should get reimbursed for our totem- giving Shaman 25 free Emblems of Triumph is unfair to other classes. I do feel that the best response would be to refresh the item sellback time on all totems, so that when we log in after 3.2.2 we have 2 hours played time to trade the totem in.

The Art of War/Maelstrom Weapon Cage Match. No, it isn’t pretty.

Hilary Duff style, I need to come clean. I’ve been leveling a paladin. I’ve been leveling a RETRIBUTION paladin. Moreover, my fatty cow, wanna-be leprechauns, and desperately-needing-dentist brethren, I’ve been leveling an ALLIANCE RETRIBUTION PALADIN. Dun dun dun. (This is the part where the shaman community revolts and flays the skin from my bones with their sharp fist thingies and wolves of doom.)

No, this is not to reroll. No, it’s not because I’ve “grown disillusioned by the utter crap that is the shaman class” like the thousand other people who have yet to realize that they’re not nearly as amazing as they think they are. Actually, what it is for is to gank my guildmates and friends since it is on my home server is a few reasons. A)I’ve only played tauren melee dps at 80, and a small part of me worries that the gigantic cow in the front of my screen is affecting my performance in some way, mainly dpsing from behind on human sized mobs that I can barely see past my fatty self. If it does seem to be better on the small side, I might consider race-changing Failam to orc when it’s released. (No, the OP racials have nothing to do with it- they’re jsut a nice benefit.) B) I’m leveling the ret to learn.

Ideally, I’d like to have every melee dps at level 80 within the next few months- ret paladin (who is pretty close) rogue, feral, and warrior are all that are left for me, I believe. I’m of the opinion that focusing on one character is a bad idea- first off, you become overly aware of that one classes problems, and take for granted their benefits. I feel playing a single character restrains a large number of people from seeing WoW as a whole, and rather they focus entirely on what makes them better without regard to class balance. (I swear, if I see another person post “It’s Our turn to be OP,” I’m going American History X and curb stomping them. Srsly.) Second, I just find it useful to understand how other classes gear /work/dps, and learning different ways, as this game is constantly changing, and class A mechanics you may have a handle on today might be entirely overhauled in Patch x.y to be more akin to class B, etc. Oh, and, Outland is fun. This post, however, is no longer about my qt baby retadin, even though she’s fabulous.

I’m not sure if it’s in the water or something, but I’ve been reading a lot of whining from a large number of people who have no idea what they’re talking about (Also known as the shaman forums) in regards to the Retribtion talent The Art of War. (http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=53488) For those of you who don’t know about this talent, it’s the Retribution answer to Maelstrom Weapn- a chance on melee critical strike for them to be able to cast an instant flash of light or exorcism. To hear it said by quite a few players, it’s ridiculous- they don’t have to stack their instant cast, and it only requires a two talent point investment to reach. So, I’d like to spam purge on some of this QQ and provide a nice, neat, comparison between the two talents.

1) Maelstrom Weapon lightning bolts are our single hardest hitting on command ability. (Windfury can hit harder, but we have no control over it.) We prioritize MW5 Lightning Bolts over sex while raiding, both because it hits hard and because each second gone by not hitting it means we’re missing more potential MW procs. By comparison, instant excorcisms are a Paladins LAST priority- where we would refresh shields/totems, they’re hitting exorcism. Even consecration is more highly valued on Ret Priority than exorcism.

2) Exorcism has a 15 second cooldown. MW doesn’t have a cooldown. This means that while we might be firing off an instant lightning bolt every 5 seconds, Retribution Paladins who don’t need the instant flash of light are letting their Art of War just sit there for 10-12 seconds at a time waiting for that exorcism to be up again. I know that when I’m dpsing, I tend to have a near 100% uptime on art of war, since it does proc quite frequently- but most of that uptime is spent waiting for the cooldown  to be up, and then, when the cooldown IS up, making sure there is nothing else on my priority list that needs to be done before using it.

3) Maelstrom Weapon provides more versatility. Single target dps fight? That’s cool, I’ll use lightning bolt. Mimiron Phase 4? Chain Lightning and I are bffs. Learning Hardmode XT Deconstructor for the first time? Sure, I’ll use some instant chain heals on the melee during tantrums. OH SHIT I’M DYING? Instant Healing Wave ftw! Wait, what? Trash exists somewhere that needs to be CCed and is currently eating our wild-growth spam sapling’s face? W/e man, he’s now a frog. Instantly.

Switch to my qt femret. Single target dps fight? That’s cool, I’ll use exorcism. Mimiron phase 4? Still here, still hitting exorcism. Learning Hardmode XT for the first time? Oh shit son, I just flash of lighted myself for 3k. Pity that rogue next to me died though. These healers need to lrn2play. OH SHIT I’M DYING. Nice, instant flash of light. That almost brings me out of killsho–you cannot do that while dead? Wait, what? Trash exists somewhere that needs to be CCed and is currently eating our wild-growth spam sapling’s face? Fuck excorcism. /cast Divine Storm!

4) Maelstrom Weapon has a chance to proc off melee hits. The Art of War has a chance to proc off melee critical hits. On any target that is standing still but has a lot of resilience in pvp (not done very much, I know), you’d have a better chance of proccing MW than the Art of War.

5) That said, the Art of War does not need to stack, so you can fire off instant underwhelming abilities fairly often in pvp, while the shaman needs to stick on top of something to try and fire off a more powerful attack.

6) The Art of War provides a base damage increase to a few abilities, which is a nice benefit to taking the talent.

7) The Art of War is only a two talent point investmentm, while MW is five.

The last three, in my mind, are beneficial for The Art of War’s cause, but not enough to counteract the amazingness of Maelstrom Weapon. For Ret, the Art of War is a nice free damage bonus, much like our lava lash. For Enhance, Maelstrom Weapon is spec-defining in it’s glory. There is absolutely no reason to QQ about TAoW.

I’m on vacation at the moment.

I’ll be honest- it probably was not my best idea to start a blog the week before I leave for vacation. It’s up there on the list of bad ideas, somewhere in between allowing Ed Wood to make movies, listening to Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service,” or the entire Midiclorian plot in the Star Wars movies on a giant list of bad ideas. Nevertheless, I did it.

So, just for all of you anxiously f5ing my blog waiting for me to post (all 1 of you!), it probably won’t happen until Friday, unless I get reallyreallybored tomorrow. 😛 Happy blogging!

Do you wanna date my avatar?

This post has nothing to do with Enhancement shaman. It has nothing to do with Restoration Shaman. It also has nothing to do with the fact that I’m 22 years old and eating pop rocks and soda while giggling about it, but that’s immaterial. This post is about “The Guild.”

Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of “The Guild,” the zany webseries about e-crushes, bad parenting skills, and online addictions, but I’m not sure how many people have stopped going “Huh, that sounds a little quirky- I might check it out” mode to “OMG ROFL LOLZ” mode. I personally had never been a huge fan of “The Guild;” not knocking it, but never one to check it out. However, a few days ago, I got an IM from my boyfriend who made me promise to “check out this hilarious youtube link.” I was busy fighting dragons, lied, and didn’t. My mistake!

The next day followed the pattern of him quoting something from the youtube video, me feigning not remembering the line, and him oh-so-subtly suggesting “you didn’t fucking watch it, did you.” So, he stole my computer, closed my WoW :(, and forced me to watch this video. Now, if you know what’s good for you, you will to! Now, without any more lengthy typing by me, I present Felicia Day and guild in “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”

Because Everyone Else is Talking About It:

I’ve been wildly debating whether or not to do a Cataclysm “omgwtfbbq” post going over every single change in detail and talking about how much it makes me want to squeal with excitement. After about 30 seconds of being like “BUT THATS LIKE A LOT OF WRITING AND STUFF,” I decided on “yes,” since a new expansion is pretty much a bloggers wet dream. That said, this is not that post.

Why is that? Because I want ALL the information before I post about it, so I think I’m going to wait until the end of Blizzcon to update. I just want to be able to go through, nitpick on every single thing and go “omgz thats kewl and hears y!” Suffice to say, however, I don’t think I have -ever- been excited for a video game in my life as I am for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It seems amazing, and I give props to everyone at Blizzard for making it look so appealing. That said, here are the things I currently dislike!: (Btw spoilers for you bads who are blocked from WorldofWarcraft.com at work, so don’t go below this shiny linkbar if you’re afraid of finding out that Sirius Black is dead, Snape Killed Dumbledore, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s Father, and Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen will make you ask for your money back.)

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